April 27: Penetration Test Methodology class

The Hacking Dojo will be hosting it’s first (in a series of eight) Professional Penetration Testing course, starting April 27th, to be held in the afternoon. Cost to attend this class is $75 for non-COShack members, and free to COSHack members. The class is approximately one hour in length, and will cover Penetration Testing Methodologies (specifically the ISSAF and OSSTMM). To sign up for the class or find out more, visit the “EVENTS” page. To become a member of COShack, sign up on the “ABOUT” page.

Pentesting Fundamentals

HackingDojo.com will be holding a live training class at COShack on February 2nd / 3rd. This course is their (1R) Mukyu (Novice) course, which covers the following:

  • BASH Scripting Language
  • Education and Certifications
  • Linux Operating System
  • Virtual Machines and Labs

The price of this course has been discounted by 50% for this month only, and is currently $99. There is a maximum seat limit of 10 students only, and prepayment is required to secure a seat at this live event. Classes will be held 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. Each student should bring a properly configured laptop containing a DVD drive to class. We will be using a VMware image designed specifically for hacking during the class, which will be provided to students on a DVD (yours to keep after the class is over). It is critical that the laptop you bring to class has a working DVD reader, enough disk space to unpack the VMware images, and enough CPU power and memory to run virtual images.

To enroll in the class, visit the “EVENTS” page, and sign up for the Mukyu (Novice) course, using PayPal. If you have questions, you can contact the instructor at info (at) HackingDojo.com. Again, seating is extremely limited, and payment must be received to reserve your space.

Haxathon 2012

Haxathon CTF 2012 is starting soon – VM is available for download.   You can register and snag the link to the VM from their site.

Haxathon Supremacy is a continuous, closed, jeopardy-style security CTF focused primarily, but not exclusively, on reverse-engineering, exploitation, and general binary-foo-magic skills. This is the much anticipated sequel to the original Haxathon which we have renamed Haxathon Identity.


Cisco Lab

The Cisco CCNA+ lab is built, configured, and ready to run! We have the following configuration:

  • Skeletek C12U-HD on wheels
  • 3x Cisco 2611XM routers
  • 2x Cisco 2950 switches
  • 1x Cisco 3550 switch
  • 1x Cisco 2511 router (terminal server)
  • Wireless access point (for remote login)
  • EeePC with WinXP, terminal software (for console use), cygwin (for telnet connections)
  • Ciscokits.com CCNA self study Lab workbook
  • Various cables (DTE/DCE, ethernet, octalcable, etc.)

This configuration will allow hackerspace members to access the systems either via telnet or console cable, run through labs, and return the systems to default configurations after completing the different labs.

Cisco Lab at CosHack.co hackerspace

CSAW 2012

CSAW’s 2012 qualification’s round is coming up at the end of this month.  We’re teaming up with some friends that are spread out and all over the place, but those of us in the springs will be playing at the hackerspace (door’s will be open to all).  We’re currently working on setting up a distributed environment for remote members (if you’re interested in helping with this, please do).

You can find the invitation & dates on our calendar.

You can find more information about CSAW here.

Moving In

Some progress updates … new fridge, mobile conference room table & chairs, setting up work spaces upstairs and the landlord is putting in a wall between us and our next door neighbors. :)